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"Boundaries unknown, Delivery limtless"

There are many variations of what a courier and service should be, and then there is FasTrEk. Though we are still wet around the ears, we are completely committed to our clients' satisfaction. 

Delivery and courier services are currently available to all our customers, current or otherwise. We have some of  the most competitive and affordable prices. 

With FasTrEk, your parcels are delivered in the most secure, clean and spacious vehicles in our fleet. 

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As persons strives to be a more healthier, less obese individuals, we see that there are more and more restaurants, supermarkets and grocers, demanding suppliers to procure high quality, organically produced foods. 

With the mantra in mind, "Grow what we eat, Eat what we grow", Jamaican-grown produce, that is both organic and grown well within the industry standards is the primary goal of Victoria's Farms.

Nestled in the cool hills of St James, Victoria's Farms offers the a welcomed alternate to the food preparation, distribution, transportation and production in Jamaica. From spices such as ginger to animal husbandry (pig and goat rearing), Victoria's Farms show cases some of the best and most delectable and exotic fruits, vegetables, etc. grown in Jamaica and the world.  

Our bakery specializes in cakes, breads crumpets and a wide variety of baked goods. The complete list of baked items can be viewed by clicking here - 

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