The Shed  Jamaica 


 Ground Provision / Vegetables 
 Piglets (Out of Stock)
Corn  (Red and Yellow)
(Scotch Bonnet, Bell and Sweet)
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 *Yams  - Yellow, Niger, Afoe etc. 
Pimento (Out of Stock)
Goats (Out of Stock) 
 Escallions / Shallots
*Oranges / Tangerines (four varieties)
Cinnamon (Leaves and Sticks)
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 Dasheen, Taina
Vanilla ( Out of Stock )
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Nutmeg (Mace)
 Chickens  ( Available)   
 Bananas / Plantains 
Peppercorn ( Out of Stock)
 Rabbits ( Available soon)  
 Sweet Potatoes / Irish Potatoes
Ginger (Native)
 Organic chicken eggs (Out of Stock)
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*Additional fruits will be available soon...

Please note All products are procured currently based off availability. Please submit Order Request Form first. Prices and available stock will be communicated thereafter. All prices listed are in Jamaica Dollars (JMD).