The Shed  Jamaica 


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With the limited input on customer service in Jamaica, The Shed Jamaica and its subsidiaries, hope to be the country's and region's leader in the services we offer.

Our flagship companies Victoria's Farms and FasTrEk embody the ideals of our commitment to our customers and prospective customers. 

From food preparation, distribution, transportation and production, event planning and promotions as well as intra-island courier and delivery services, The Shed Jamaica  wishes to become a primary leader in these and other services that value customer satisfaction, services and input.   

With all of these services under one brand, The Shed Jamaica was established to provide Jamaican consumers with a different approach to the services we offer. Every customer is just as important and vital as the services and products we provide. 

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We are depending on our customers to provide us with feedback constantly, especially with our services, FasTrEk and Victoria's Farms. Please free to us the Contact/Contact Us tabs in order to submit said feedback. 


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